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ULTRA 'NZ Made' Natural Premium Dry Dog Food

Scoll Down for quick access to the enquiry / ordering form or:

email: sales@ultrapetfood.co.nz

Thank you for your interest. 

Many kiwis are keen to support New Zealand companies and often look for  products which can offer the best results.

Did you know that most brands of dry dog food are imported and are subject to very different manufacturing processes?

Ultra Dry Pet Food is 100% made in NZ using natural ingredients and is made every day in our factory in Auckland so it comes to you Ultra Fresh! - no long shipping delays from overseas!

Plus Ultra Dry Pet Food is not subject to falling exchange rates, costly shipping fuel charges, importation duties, & distributors which often result in the imported pet food being so expensive! Buy NZ for a more cost effective feed - saving you money! And your dog will be happier & healthier!

Ian McKenzie Sales Director

Ultra Pet Food Ltd
Phone: 027 489 3489            

Freephone 0800 69 73 83

300 Richmond Rd Grey Lynn

Postal Address: P O BOX 33-1011
Auckland 0740
Email: sales@ultrapetfood.co.nz

Internet Bank Account No: 06-0294-0165088-00

For all enquiries or orders please fill out the form below.
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If you would like us to advise you on the right feed for your dog please detail the breed, age & weight of your dog.

For Internet Banking payments please add the correct freight charge for your region.

(see our Price List Page first for pricing & banking information)

Freight charges apply for each individual 20Kg bag ordered. 

For larger orders please contact us for special bulk rates.

We do apologise if there is no stockist in your area however all Ultra products can be purchased on line or by calling Auckland 360-3360 or toll free :

                                    0800 KIBBLE 69 73 83

We can courier immediately or advise you of the nearest distributor or retailer.

* Natural - free of any artificial additives or preservatives etc

* Fresher - our product is delivered to your door within a few days of manufacture - no long shipping times

* Economical - better value for your money! No international shipping costs or import charges, no exchange rate fluctuations 

Please contact Ian email: sales@ultrapetfood.co.nz

Phone Auckland (09) 360-3360
Toll Free 0800 NZ PETFOOD 69 73 83

Mobile & Text : 027 489-3489


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Fill out our enquiry form to order your free sample
Fill out our enquiry form to order your free sample
A Complete, Fully Balanced Diet
Extruded Not Baked
Minimum loss of nutrients and vitamins due to the short cooking time
No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives
Antioxidants are Natural tocopherols, Rosemary, Citric Acid
Enriched with Omega 3, Omega 6, Garlic,
Kelp and Rosemary
  For a shiny, healthy coat, and to help your dog resist disease and infection
All raw materials sourced in NZ, wherever possible from the human food chain, and GE free
  As natural as possible, no byproducts
A Premium Quality Dog Food that everyone can afford
  NZ made, No imports costs, no fancy packaging, and no middleman

ULTRA 'NZ Natural' Dry Dog Food - Petfood you can Trust!

Phone Ian McKenzie / Jerina Ford Toll Free on 0800 69 73 83  
P O Box 33-1011, Auckland 0740, 300 Richmond Rd Grey Lynn Auckland.

Email: sales@ultrapetfood.co.nz    Ultra Petfood Ltd  Bank Account 06-0294-0165088-00

Ph (09) 360-3360 Fax (09) 360-3362 Mobile: 027 489 3489

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