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ULTRA 'NZ Made' Natural Premium Dry Dog Food

This page is for Ultra Canine users to share a picture of their dog and how they find the Ultra Canine products. Simply send a picture of your dog along with their name, age and your comment to the email address below.

Thank you for visiting the Ultra Pet Food web pages.

Why? because it concerns us that so many dogs are suffering from many health complaints such as ezcema, skin rashes, itchiness, allergies, over sensitive stomachs, kidney problems and cancers.

And what is causing this? Is it the feed that is currently on the market?

Most of the dry dog food available in New Zealand is imported from overseas. And what ingredients do they contain? And what processes are allowed to be used in the manufacture of dog food in the USA?

It pays to be careful with your dog's health by offering a product that we can guarantee is perfectly safe because we know what ingredients are in our product!

Ultra is 100% chicken free, 100% wheat gluten free and contains no preservatives, no artificial food colourings or harmful chemicals.


Names: Sheeba & Herne
Ages: Sheeba - 2 1/2 yrs, Herne - 9yrs
Sheeba & Herne Sheeba & Herne

This is a photo of 2 of my 7 Alaskan Malamutes that besides the occasional canon bone, thrive on Ultra dog food. We have been feeding all our dogs with Ultra for at least the last six years and swear by it.

We never have fleas, something our Vet is amazed by, & besides brushing, they never need bathing. We put that down to the natural ingredients in there food which keeps their coats in such great condition, we have trouble convincing some people that our dogs aren’t bathed!

The grey Malamute is 2 1/2 & the sable Malamute is coming up 9, hard to believe the age difference don't you think! Thanks Ultra Pet Foods, keep up this great product, my dogs just love it.......
Debbie Larsen - Sea wolf kennels

Name: Phenoix
Phenoix Phenoix

I like your web site and have learnt alot about want i should be feeding my dogs.

This is just one of my rotties I have two female and have just lost my old boy, a few weeks ago.

Annette Gray

Name: Major
Major Major

Brilliant site.

Our Dog is called Major, he is a beautiful but chubby chocolate lab.

This is a cool site, and have called for a sample pack which I sure Major will love.


Pammella, Jason & Jordan

Name: Pudge and Wilson
Age: 10 months (Pudge) 15 months (Wilson)

Pudge and Wilson

Wilson who is a bullmastiff pup aged 10 months and Pudge who is a Shar-Pei X Staffy and is 15 months.

I've just changed them to ultra and they absolutely love it. One of the first things I've noticed is that it makes their poos less smelly and easier to pick up!

Best wishes


Name: Pebbles
Pebbles Pebbles,

Pebbles is a highly intelligent girl and only likes good food!

Lance Neal

Name: Floyd Sebastian Montenegro
Age: 6 years old
Floyd Floyd,

Hi, I'm Floyd, and I'm an American Rottweiler (the longer legged slimmer version!). I have one 20mth old human brother who is a bit confused and thinks I'm a horse...so I get ridden often...luckily I'm very placid. I also have one feline sister who loves me dearly, and shows it by hissing and spitting at me! My favourite pastime is Eating!

My Mum and Dad have only just found out about Ultra, and have yet to try it, but because of all of the great comments, I think I'm about to get some this week! Yippee, Can't wait!

Name: Zoe
Age: 3 1/2 years


Zoe is a bearded collie cross . Retrieved from the Levin SPCA as a 9 month old who had led a fairly rough life . No more ! Now she's an ULTRA dog . We're sure Zoe is the dog Linley Dodds was thinking of when she dreamed up "Hairy Maclary" .

Zoe is walked twice a day and it's a rare day that she's not greeted as "Hairy" by youngsters and their parents . After trying her on a range of dog foods ( including the high priced ones ) we were advised to try ULTRA by her then boarding motel . She has not looked back ! She's very active , only just smells like a dog and her doo doo's are firm and easy to handle ( by plastic bag , that is )!

Name: Ernie
Age: 4 years


Ernie has allergies and serious Hip Displaysia in both hips and . We owned his litter mate Kassa who died from jaw cancer at the age of three. He came to live with us 2 months after Kassa died when his family went back to Singapore.

After loosing a young dog to cancer we became concerned about additives in dog food, and want a natural premium dog food for Ernie. We also want to support N.Z. made which we believe is superior.

When I first tried Ernie on Ultra, I hadn't realised how good it was.

Ernie has been sensitive to dry food all his life. Since using Ultra he hasn't had any itchy problems.
Christine O'Riley and Ernie.

Name: Lisa
Age: 20 months


here is a photo of my dog lisa.she is an alaskan malamute x german shepherd.she loves ultra pet food.we changed from another brand and ultra is great value..
Janeen Kearney.

Name: Theodore
Age: 20 months


My dog Theodore a English Bulldog.
He really enjoys the food! He likes to eat and has a sensitive stomach but
has really done well on your biscuits!

Angelique Cooper.

Name: Jet
Age: 4 years


Jet is a Belgian Shepherd and competes at dog agility. We've recently
changed him to ultra and he is jumping out of his skin! He was always a
pretty active dog, but it there is definately an increase in his energy
levels. His coat is also very glossy and poos much nicer to deal with
Great food, highly recommend it.

Dianne Gleeson.

Name: Kaiser
Age: 2 1/2 years


This is our big boy, Kaiser. He is 21/2 years old and is a Rottweiler cross Hunterway. He is extremely energetic and loves playing. We wanted a healthy meal for him and found this website and are very pleased with the results. Kaiser loves to tease his 'little adopted mum', Fudge, who is 9 years old, and he will do anything for her...
Chris and Tina.

Name: Titan and Yuki
Age: 2 1/2 and 1 1/2 years

Titan and Yuki,

Titan is a Shepherd X and Yuki is a Red heeler X. Both from the SPCA and have the best natures (although Yuki-chan can be a little naughty sometimes). We started using Ultra after we got a flyer with the Northshore city councils registration pack. Now they don't eat anything else. Cheers, Scooper@k9ps.co.nz


Name: Ally and Molly

Age: 3 1/2 and 3 1/2 years

Ally and Molly,

Hi, this is Ally the Boxer and Molly the Labrador X in their usual sleeping position. Molly came from the SPCA when she was 4 months old. We have recently put the dogs onto Ultra, (Active for the Boxer and Maintenance for the Lab) and they love it! No longer need to mix Metamucil with the Boxers food to achieve "consistancy", if you know what I mean.
Also they are producing a lot less "waste" material which has to be a good thing!
Website is great,easy to follow and great to check out the other dogs, keep it up and look forward to seeing lots more...

Trisha Solomon

Name: Frank

Age: 9 weeks


My name is Frank and I'm a 9 week old Border Collie/ Lab x, I just loved my sample of Ultra Canine Puppy so much, that I insisted that they order me some more.
I have 2 children who I love playing with and who think I'm great, hopefully by being feed a great complete food like Ultra I'll be able to do it for many years to come.
thank you,
Amanda Lawson, Papamoa Beach

Name: Moss, Tana, C, Ascki,

Moss, Tana, C, Ascki,

Our dogs got introduced to Ultra after I attended a Book launch in Upper
Hutt and won the Raffle donated by Ultra pet foods! I liked the fact that
the food was made in NZ (I support NZ-made!), that it was made with quality
ingredients and that it is reasonably priced. Also the dogs love it! With 4
dogs you can imagine that the feeding bill could be quite high! Our dogs do
agility and they continue to perform to high standards on Ultra.
Karen de Wit

Name: Tara,


This is Tara aka The Cheat.
She's 3 years old, Border Collie x Lab
Tara enjoys long walks on the beach and quiet candlelit dinners, and
sticking her beak out the window when we're on the motorway.
Thanks for providing healthy pet food alternatives. It's good to
support an ethical petfood company. I'd like to see more of your
petfoods in supermarkets to combat
imported-brand-chemical-additive-loaded-nestle-owned petfoods.

Keep it up!

Caroline Ward

Name: Gordon and Molly,

Gordon and Molly,

1st Picture is of our dog Gordon who is 15 months now. He was abandoned and we were lucky enough to get him at 6 months old. He's been on Ultra since we got him
and has a beautiful shiny coat and he loves the food.
The second picture is of our new pup, Molly, we picked up last Sunday, she's
3 1/2 months old and has already started eating the ultra puppy food. She loves it too!

Megan and Nigel

Name: Mindy,

Age 7


I would like to share a picture of Mindy, a now 7 year old gentle Dobermann. She is getting old [Dobes dont live longer then 10-12 years] and I thought I give her a treat.
She has been with us since age 8 weeks and is a source of mutual pleasure.
The picture shows her at age 9 months when she learned to unscrew yoghurt bottles and reach in with her tongue.


Name: Ryan,

Age 3



Hi this is a picture of Ryan our 3 year old Weimaraner. We changed Ryan's food over to the Ultra "Active" as I was looking for a wheat free food. Ryan suffers from irritible bowel. He loves the food. This picture was taken two years ago at our wedding.

Name: Choc and Zephyr,

Age 3 and 8

Choc and Zephyr,

Choc is a 3 yr old newfie x german long haired pointer. This big beautiful oaf is thriving on Ultra Canine food.

Zephyr is an 8 yr old huntaway cross. Due to her excellant condition thought to be a young dog by the vet at her last check up. His words: "a disgustingly healthy dog"- perhaps due to your good food.
Jennie F

Name: Summer and Merlin,

Age 5 and 3

Summer and Merlin,

We have 2 Golden Retrievers - Summer who is 5 in May and Merlin who will be 3 in June. This picture was taken at our wedding in December 2005.
We got a 20kg bag of your food about 2 weeks ago and the dogs really seem to love it. It was recommended to us by a friend of ours and as Merlin has sensitive skin we are hoping this food will work for him - so far so good! I have been passing on your information to people at work with dogs and posted it on the NZ Golden Retrievers chat group as I can't believe how good the food is and the price. I have had comments back from the chat group from one person who has been feeding Ultra and another who has heard of it but hadn't got a sample yet, everyone who has heard about your food has only heard positive comments which is great and reinforces our decision to give it a go.
Thanks a bunch, hopefully you will receive a heap more orders soon!
Juliette and Crispin
Name: Argus and Apollo
Age: 8 and 5
Argus and Apollo

These are my 2 dogs: Argus is an 8 year old Giant Schnauzer, while Apollo is a 5 year old Great Pyrenees. They, like me, are imports from the USA. Apollo was abandoned as a puppy and I got him through a Rescue group. He is very much the younger brother, always a bit worried that you will stop loving him. Argus came from a well-known breeder and has all the ego and exuberance of a typical Giant. He just KNOWS that everyone loves him and behaves accordingly. When I first brought them to NZ, I was concerned about finding the right food for them. They haven't ever eaten supermarket pet food (yuk!) and since the major problem with the Chinese ingredients, I was more anxious than ever to avoid anything that wasn't made from premium, human-grade ingredients. I found Ultra through the web and am delighted with it. The dogs love it - even my 13 year old cat, Pete, likes it and keeps trying to swipe the dogs' food. Of course, with nearly 300 lbs of dog in the house, we go through a lot of Ultra, but it's worth it when I see how healthy the dogs remain.
Fill out our enquiry form to order your free sample
Fill out our enquiry form to order your free sample
A Complete, Fully Balanced Diet
Extruded Not Baked
Minimum loss of nutrients and vitamins due to the short cooking time
No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives
Antioxidants are Natural tocopherols, Rosemary, Citric Acid
Enriched with Omega 3, Omega 6, Garlic,
Kelp and Rosemary
  For a shiny, healthy coat, and to help your dog resist disease and infection
All raw materials sourced in NZ, wherever possible from the human food chain, and GE free
  As natural as possible, no byproducts
A Premium Quality Dog Food that everyone can afford
  NZ made, No imports costs, no fancy packaging, and no middleman

ULTRA 'NZ Natural' Dry Dog Food - Petfood you can Trust!

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